Best in islamabad

If you are visiting islamabad or even if you are a resident of ismabad in this article we will tell you about the best in islamabad

1) Best hotels in islamabad

Best wetern hotel and hotel holiday inn are considered best hotels in islamabad. hotel holiday inn is located in sector f8 of islamabad and it has 50 luxury rooms and very beautiful and reachable location. this hotel is equipped with all modern style facilities and laundry and all other facilities are all out class.

Best western hoel is located near usa embassy and the best western hotel in islamabad is a five start hotel. it has all modern facilities and very comfortable living style. they provide boarding and lodging facilities to people staying and the view is also very beautiful in center of islamabad

2) Best universities in islamabad

Bahria university and FAST are considered best universities in islamabad. bahria university specializes in management studeies and students from all over pakistan take admission herte. the cost per semester of this university is about 80,000 and mr abrar naeemi is currently principal of bahria university FAST is considered best university in islamabad for computer studies. the students of FAST are doing jobs in software houses of various cities. FAST islamabad campus has almost 15 phd faculty members and other faculties are architecture and electrical engieering.

3) Best Shopping centers in Islamabad

Jinnah super market and blue area are considered the best shopping spots in islamabad. Jinnah super market has every thing you need from toys to books and from clothes to eatables you can find every thing here.

Blue area market is known for electronics stuff and whole sale electronics stuff. there are thousands of shops here provding electronics, bicycles, gymnasium stuff, books, embroyded clothes and lots more

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