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 THE CIVIL PROCEDURE (SPECIAL PROVISIONS) ORDINANCE, 1968 (W.P. Ord. I of 1968)   Sections             Short title, extent and commencement. Definitions. Certain disputes to be adjudicated upon under this Ordinance. Constitution of and reference of dispute to Tribunal. Composition of the Tribunal. Reference of question to a new Tribunal in ...

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Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

Section 115 Code of Civil Procedure, 1908   Civil Revision   Revision. 1[(I) The High Court may call for the record of any case which has been decided by any Court subordinate] to such High Court and in which no appeal lies thereto, and if such subordinate Court appears-   ...

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Civil Majr Acts of Pakistan –Civil Suit

Civil Suit Adjournments Amendment of plaint Awarding or refusing costs claimed Consolidation of suits Decree Dismissal for default after remand for retrial Dismissal of suit Evidence Execution of decree Execution proceedings Form of Suit Judgment Notice Pleadings Prima faeic case Proceedings, stay of Recall a witness Recovery of money–Suit for ...

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