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Avoid getting tired very often

If you are getting tired very early or all the time you feel tired than first of all get your hepatitis test. secondly check your life style. You should avoid taking too much food. You should avoid taking high fats and high cholesterol foods. You should avoid doing too much ...

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Affect of men’s beard on women

in west initially women like the clean shave men but recently a survey has suggested that most people like bearded men. however in Pakistani society women are still liking non bearded men that are clean shaved.

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mistakes while losing weight

if you are trying to lose weight and not getting successful than read this article. Make sure you are taking proper sleep and if you are taking low calorie food don’t miss the quantity of food

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First divorce through Facebook

A 26 years old American citizen had become the first women to get divorce through Facebook. Ella and victor got married in 2009 but due to circumstances they don’t get a chance to spend time together as the husband was doing job in Ghana and both of them were in ...

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Government decided not to get involved in Yemen war

According to sources government according to suggestions of parliamentarians has decided not to be part of Saudi Arab and Yemen war. It may be kept in mind that saudi government asked for Pakistani military troops to join Saudi Arab in the war against Yemen rebels but Pakistani think tank is ...

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Buy or Sell any plot in Rawalpindi or Islamabad

If you are planning to sell a plot in Rawalpindi or Islamabad just write in comments and we will include in our website. either your plot is in any phase on Bahria Town or Dha Islamabad. just don’t forget to quote your price. Here are few already posted plots in ...

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