defence housing authority islamabad

defence housing authority islamabad is reallyu a place to live in islamabad. if you are coming to pakistan from abroad and are planning to buy a plot in near futurethan the most recommendedf place in islamabad is defence housing authority islamabad. the defence housing authority islamabad has following features

1) beautiful roads which are double

2) beautiful zoo and lawns

3) all grocery stores and international quality schools

4) marriage clubs and socities

defence housing authority islamabad head office is located in street 16 lane no 6 and the huge building of dha head office is quite beautiful . The phone number of administrative depatment of dha is 092-051-349848945

While the marketing department of dha housing society phone no is 092-051-87347837

Currently the admin section of dha islamabad is lead by Mr Tariq Ali Khan who is a very progressive person. he has recently launched the new electricity supply system in dha islamabad due to whicj the electricity failure is now controlled

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