Best microwave oven brands by user feedback [updated 2019]

Assalam o Alaikum brothers and sisters reason of my today’s post is to help you decide which microwave to buy from local Pakistani market. Please note that we have made this list after comparison of their features and based upon the response given by users on websites like Daraz Pakistan and Yayvo. We will also share the estimated prices of microwaves in current Pakistani Market.

Please share which Microwave oven you are using at home and what problems you have faced in comments section below. We will be thankful for your feedback

The sequence in which we have listed the companies indicate our preference. Means the top of list is Dawlance, so it means that our research indicates this brand is best in terms of Microwaves.


1. Dawlance Microwave Oven

dawlance microwave
dawlance microwave

Dawlance is a very popular Pakistani Microwave oven brand established in 1980 and currently owned by a Turkish company. After takeover by Turkish company the products quality has further improved.

Dawlance offers price reduction on events like Black Friday and Pakistan Day celebrations. thier deals offered can be seen at Dawlance Flagship Store at Daraz

Their latest microwave Heating Series DW is quite popular and the latest models have Built in Pakistani Recipes and tawa is also present in it so you can cook pizza or roti in it . Their price varies from 8000 rs to 30,000 rs. this new feature can be seen in this video


And latest dawlance promotion video

User Reviews about Dawlance Microwave

According to a consumer survey the Dawlance is most hot selling brand in terms of microwaves in all major cities including Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. The major reason behind is that Dawlance have service centers in all major cities of Pakistan. Dawlance also offers price reduction on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and these offers can be seen on their facebook page

2. Haier microwave Oven

The Haier Pakistan is partner of Chinese Brand named Haier. Haier microwaves price start from 6000 Rs to 14000 Rs in Pakistani market. The latest Haier microwave is the Mirror series shown in image below.

haier microwave
haier microwave

Microwaves are  listed on their official website. Their latest convection series microwaves offer features like steam cleaning, auto cook menus and stainless steel cavity

You can see unboxing of Haier microwave oven in video below


The latest model of Haier microwave available in Pakistan is Haier HMN-45110EGB . It has defrost feature and also it saves electricity. It has clock function and also helps defrost the food.

User Reviews about Haier Microwave

We have interviewed different people who have used Haier microwave and most of them had a very good user experience and they were totally satisfied with the product. Also people are very happy with the after sale service of haier products and you can easily find nearest Haier service center here.

Some people have reported that the Haier microwave gives electric shocks while using it but this problem is not much frequent.

3. PEL Microwqave Oven Pakistan

PEL is famous Microwave company owned by Saigol Group. PEL microwaves prices very from 7000 to 17000 Pakistani Rupees. PEL company is owned by famous Saigol group and having head office in Lahore, Pakistan.  The latest model

picture of microwave oven is shown below

pel microwave
pel microwave

If you have budget than we suggest you purchase the latest PEL microwave oven of Convection series which for the first time provides 4d heating feature. You can see detailed of the latest model in the video below


User Reviews about PEL Microwave

We have interviewed upto six different families using PEL microwave and they are totally satisfied with the look and feel of microwave and its usability. After sale service of PEL is not so good and you get hard time finding their service center.

4. Waves Microwave

Waves is quite a famous Pakistani Electronics brands that has merged with Singer. Waves microwaves are relatively cheaper and their price wary from 6000 to 11,000 Pakistani Rupees and still they give 3 yeats warranty. WMO is the latest series of PEL microwaves and have feature s like defrost, alarm signal, internal light. WMO series mechanical microwave is shown in image below

Waves microwave
Waves microwave (Analog)
Waves Microwave WMO26DSG
Waves Microwave WMO26DSG

The Latest digital Waves microwave is WMO26DSG  and this model is very stylish and selling very well in Pakistani market due to its cheap price.

User Reviews about Waves Microwave

We have interviewed almost 7 people who have used Waves microwave and they are satisfied with the performance. But the after sale service of this brand is not easily available.

You can see latest features of Waves microwave in this video below


5. Anex Microwave Pakistan

Annex is a relatively new brand in Pakistan and their prices vary from 6000 Rs to 10,000 Rs. the Latest model of Anex microwave is Ag 9037 Deluxe and it is shown in figure below.

anex microwave Ag 9037 Deluxe
anex microwave Ag 9037 Deluxe

the Anex microwave has features like different power levels, defrosting mode, cooking end signal and pull door and it comes with a grill

User Reviews about Anex Microwave

We have gathered a survey and customers who have used Anex microwave are not fully satisfied specially with the user experience and the product quality as a whole. After sale service of Anex is not good and its very hard to find their service center in most of cities.

6. Panasonic Microwave Oven

Panasonic microwave Pakistan
Panasonic microwave Pakistan

Panasonic is one of the Hot Selling brands in terms of Microwave ovens in Pakistan and they offer upto 30 percent off on Black Friday and 14th August. Panasonic microwaves are also very stylish with silver metallic look. It is a Japanese brand and their prices and quality is higher than other brands. Their price vary from 11,000 to 30,000 Pakistani Rupees based upon the model. They have all features like Child Safety Locks, touch display, inverter technology builtin. The latest models of the series NN-CD997 and other models have many extra features and you can use it as an oven as well and it has 20 builtin in recipes as well. These can be used for cooking, baking and grilling.

User Reviews about Panasonic Microwave

Unfortunately we have not found good reviews about Panasonic. Most of the people who purchased Panasonic microwaves stated that these were not Japanese but actually Chinese and problems start coming after one year use. Also the sensors in the microwave start giving problem. The user experience of the microwave is also not good people find it more complex. Also we came to know that these microwaves are actually refurbished but they are sold as new. So our advice is that stay away from this brand.

Price Comparison Table and Features of Various Pakistani Brands Microwaves

Please note that we have made this table based upon microwave who have prices very near

Dawlance DW MD8 Haier Haier HDN-2080M Orient OM-30ARW Microwave Oven Waves WMO-926-GSB-G Microwave
Rs 7400 Rs 7100 Rs 7900 Rs 7900
Power 700 W Power 800 W Power 900 W Power 900 W
20 Lit 20 Lit 23 Lit 26 L
6 Recipes 10 Receipes unknown 8 recipes

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