Best Online Quran Classes For Kids and Adults

If you are worried about finding the best online Quran classes for yourself or your kids, you have reached the right place. Learning the Holy Quran, learning to recite it properly and even more importantly, understanding it are some of the core duties any Muslim will face in their lives by virtue of being a part of the Muslim Ummah.

Online Quran Classes for Adults

Even if you are a child or a grown up and you think that Quran learning is important than remember that learning yourself can be hard but teaching children is harder still. Used to be the Masjid was the place to go to learn these things. But whether due to time constraints or other issues that is sometimes not possible. These are the times that we have to look towards alternate means to accomplish our goals. And in this age of media and the internet, you need to look no further than the comfort of your home.

There are as many online Quran classes as there are stars under the sun. And every last one of them is claiming to be the best in regards to teaching Quran online but finding one that suits you can be hard. So we have compiled a list of the best online Quran classes that we could find so that you don’t have to scour the internet looking for them.

We will list all their pros and cons and how each one can be the right fit for someone and how it might help them learn the Quran.

Holy Quran

Take note, however, that these sites are in no particular order, we do not prefer one over the other since they all have different areas in which they show strength. Read through all your options before committing to a single method. Finding the best online Quran class among the list is entirely up to you since it can be a matter of preference.

These are the best online Quran classes that we could find but before we delve into the nitty-gritty, it behooves us to give a general overview of what you can expect when you sign up for online Quran classes. We will discuss what some offer that others lack and what might you do to find the best online Quran class for you.

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Table of Contents

Finding the right fit

The first step is always the hardest and you want to be sure that you are finding the best possible candidate for teaching online Quran classes that you possibly can. At affordable rates, of course. These are the are the courses that are normally offered in these types of sites.

  1. Proper recitation
  2. Tajweed
  3. Arabic Language
  4. Hifz

This covers most of what you might expect from an online Quran class. Once you have decided in which field you want to study, or for your children to study, its time to find the tutor.

Sometimes, you get a choice. The site might allow you to pick and choose from a list of candidates while listing their accomplishments and qualifications and the rating of their previous lessons with other clients. This is a good indication of just how good a teacher you are getting. It makes for an easy way to assess them without personally interacting with anyone and offering nothing in commitment.

Other times you just have to trust the service and the website to provide the best tutors available and they don’t allow nitpicking.

When looking for who you want to teach online Quran classes, another thing to take into consideration is time constraints. Many tutors might live in a different time zone than you and it’s prudent to find out whether their free hours coincide with yours or not. It is necessary to find someone who is available when you are free otherwise the scheduling can be a nightmare.

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Means of Communication

Some online Quran classes on our list offer a tailored software exclusively meant for teaching that can and does, facilitate teaching and learning the Holy Quran. It is important to consider this when making your decision since it’s sometimes the deciding factor between understanding something and not understanding.

These kinds of software offer easy access to templates that can be instrumental in the learning of the student. For example, if you learning Tajweed and the software shows you on screen how different sounds change the meaning of an Arabic word by showing the comparison between meanings than that is extremely beneficial for someone who is learning these things for the first time.

Some online Quran classes also offer Android and iOS apps that further the convenience of having a dedicated hub meant solely for learning and understanding the Holy Quran.

Other sites are simpler in regards to this, as they offer the tried and true method of Skype and other widely spread communication software that are a household name around the world. This has the added benefit of both the tutor and the student being intimately familiar with the workings and limitations of the software and taking that into account when planning for lessons.


What it all comes down to, in the end, is pricing. It’s a balancing act of finding a good fit for a tutor and someone affordable as well. Our advice would be to give the quality of the instructor to be a more important aspect than what amount of money you will have to dole out in the end. Because surprisingly good teachers willing to teach online Quran classes can be found teaching for cheap if you only look hard enough.




Qutor 30 Hours/Month $40
Iqra Network 3 Hours/Week $7.5/hour
Learn Quraan 12 Days/Month $39
Quran Reading 12 Days/Month $55
Learn Quran Online 12 Days/Month $48
Online Quran Academy 12 Days/Month $55
Preply Variable $15 Avg/hour
Pak Quran Academy 4 Days/Month $30
House of Quran Free Free

This is not a complete list of the pricing available since each site has multiple sets of programs and courses offered, each differing price. So you should check those out as well if you like one site in particular.

Note: Another thing to take into consideration, and this is of extreme importance, is to find out what sect are the teachers teaching the online Quran classes related to (Sunni, Shea, Deobund, etc). Knowing what is being to your children is very, very important. The peace of mind that it gives you to know that your children are in good hands is immense. It cannot be overstated as to how important this is.

Kids Quran Tutor

If you are living in Pakistan, United Kingdom or any other country and you want your children to learn Quran at home than choose an institute from the list given below. One thing our readers have told us is that when the children know that they have to take Quran classes on a particular time they become more punctual. As a parent, it’s your responsibility that you daily remind you kid and prepare his mind to take the Quran recitation classes. Kids are mostly hesitating in taking a class and more willing to play and get a day off from their Quran class and as a parent, you should forcefully push them not to take a day off and miss their Quran class.

List of Best Online Quran Classes


  • Ability to choose a tutor from a list
  • Dedicated Software built-in into the site
  • Dedicated mobile app
  • Ability to hire multiple Tutor for different subjects
  • Female Tutors
  • Defined method of parental supervision
  • Archiving

Qutor is one of the most popular sites when looking for the best online Quran classes, and for good reason. They have an extremely professional view on facilitating the learning of Quran. Every step, from finding a tutor to actualizing a lesson plan has been thoroughly mapped out in such a way as to not leave any ambiguity.

You get the choice of who you want as your tutor from a provided list. Alongside ratings and reviews of past students regarding the tutor.

They have an incredibly well put together application as well as a mobile app that is developed with solely the learning and recitation of Quran in mind. Students, as well as the teacher, run the program simultaneously and in concurrence to use the program to their benefit. This makes the process of learning through online Quran classes extremely streamlined for both parties.

If children are the ones studying, the website even allows their parents to supervise their progress using a feature called archiving. This is basically recording their sessions during odd intervals so that parents get an idea of what is going on in the classes and how their child is progressing. Incredibly useful to say the least.

There are many features offered in the service that are uniquely suited for many individuals seeking to learn the Holy Quran, be they, children or adults.

Many different online Quran classes are offered, allowing the users to choose how much they want to study and at what times. It is entirely up to the consumer to tell the service how much time they want to spend studying.

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IQRA Network

  • Association with Al-Azhar University
  • Required Evaluation to define what needs to be taught
  • Arabic Language Lessons that are a step above the rest
  • Structured Curriculum

When looking for best online Quran classes, some would say that IQRA has their competition beat. The thing that stands out about IQRA network is their connection to the Al-Azhar University. For those of you who don’t know, the Al-Azhar university is one of the most famous Islamic universities in the world. People from all over the world go to the university yearly to learn in-depth Islam and when they have completed their degrees they are easily given a teaching position in any Islamic institution around the world. The fact that their teachers are willing to teach online Quran classes shows how much the world is moving into the digital age.

Another thing that stands out about this is the required evaluation done by the site administrators for each and every student. This means that each student’s level of understanding of Quran is evaluated and he or she is assigned a course based on that level. If, for example, you have been studying Islam for all your life and now want to go in-depth in learning the difference between different Tafseers of Ulama then you are directed towards teachers who can help you do just that.

It is a different way of doing things and while it may not be to everyone’s liking, it has the potential to be extremely beneficial for many students.

You don’t get to pick and choose how much you spend learning through online Quran classes, they tell you.

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Learn Quraan 

  • Based on US, UK and Pakistan regions
  • Female Tutors
  • 3 days trial
  • Basic Islamic Education in addition to other subjects

The availability of Female teachers is paramount for a good teaching service of Islam since our religion puts so much emphasis on the separation of genders. It would be the height of folly to ignore that basic commandment when looking to learn more about Islam through online Quran classes.

Like many other courses in our list, this course offers a free trial period. This one offers 3 days. Meaning you can use this service for free for 3 days and decide whether you are satisfied with the level of teaching being provided or would you rather go somewhere else with your money and your time.

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Quran Reading

  • Emphasis on Basics
  • Tutors proficient in English, Arabic, and Urdu
  • Tailored for Children
  • Parental Supervision
  • Periodic Evaluation
  • Emphasis on Learning Arabic

If you are in search for some online Quran classes for kids, specifically, Quran reading is a very good choice. The focus of this site is to teach children the basics of Islam and how to recite the Holy Quran in the proper way with Tajweed. Since the site puts its entire focus on children there are no advanced courses for the more knowledgeable student. But this is a plus in our opinion since it allows the teachers to focus and tailor their abilities to suit children.

The site allows parents to monitor their children throughout their learning experience with different teachers. This allows some much-needed peace of mind that we as parents are familiar with.

On top of that, the site gives the children the opportunity to sink their teeth into learning the Arabic language from the ground up. This is an incredible skill to have and may help them beyond learning proper recitation of the Quran.

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Learn Quran Online

  • Tutors proficient in Arabic, English, Urdu, and Pashto (Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan etc)
  • Online Ijazah Course
  • Flexible Timing
  • Female Tutors
  • All Basic courses offered alongside courses on Duas and Basic Islamic knowledge

From children to adults, this site has something for everyone. While children are taught basic Tajweed, Noorani Qaida and Masnoon Duas as well as basic Islamic knowledge. The more advanced students of Islam are provided with the opportunity to study Ijazah courses that can help them advance their Islamic knowledge by leaps and bounds.

In terms of variety of subjects provided, this site provides some of the best online Quran classes.

Another strong suit of this course is the ability to provide tutors proficient in many different languages. Speakers of Arabic, Urdu, English, and Pashto are hired as teachers which serve to allow them to teach students in their native languages, which is always a plus.

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Online Quran Academy

  • Free Trial classes
  • Multilingual Teachers
  • Female Teachers
  • Flexible Timing
  • Emphasis on Practical application of Islam
  • Complete course tailored for children

This is another site that is a great candidate for best online Quran classes for kids since their focus is children. There are various multilingual teachers in the staff. A large number of students can gain a lot from these talented and knowledgeable individuals due to this.

They have a complete course from start to finish that is meant to teach a child that has absolutely no idea about even the basics of Islam. Putting your child through this course is sure to allow him or her to become more enlightened about the true nature of Islam. The focus of the program is to encourage kids to include Islam in their day to day life and make it a habit to act upon the commandments of Islam in every aspect of life.

This program also offers female teachers for female students.

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  • Ability to choose own Tutors
  • Clearly defined pricing plan
  • Trial Lessons
  • Female Tutors
  • Tutor rating system
  • Privately tailored lessons
  • Shows which language tutors are proficient in

Not really an Islamic tuition site per se rather a broader site dedicated to bringing teachers and students closer together without the middle man of the schooling system in the broader sense. This, fortunately, also includes teachers looking to pass on their knowledge of Islam and the Quran.

The great part about this is that you can see how experienced a teacher is on the site by seeing how many lessons has he or she previously given. You can also see the rating of the teacher from five stars to zero stars as a gauge to how good the tutor is at getting results.

There are also commentators and reviewers who have personal experience with the teacher.

The downside to this is that since this is not purely an Islamic site, the vetting process for teachers is not as rigorous. So be mindful when selecting teachers and supervise your children if they are taking a Quran course through this method.

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Pak Quran Academy

  • Free trial classes
  • Flexible timing
  • Male and Female Teachers
  • Defined pricing plan and package deals

Like many others on this list, you have the ability to book trial classes in this site to be sure of how satisfied you are with the level of teaching before committing to it in the form of monetary investment.

They also have flexible time and enough teachers, presumably, to avail students at any time of the day. So finding yourself in a different time zone than your tutors should not be a problem.

The staff consists of both male and female teachers you can choose from given your preference.

Another thing of note is that they regularly offer package deals like a discount for two children studying together will be cheaper in the package deal.

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House of Quran

  • Dedicated software specifically built to help to learn Tajweed
  • Ability to learn at one’s own pace
  • Word by word Quran recitation with proper Tajweed
  • Variety of reciters

We added this to the list of best online Quran classes, not because of their amazing teachers but because they don’t have any. This is unlike any other site on this list simply for the fact that the service they provide is different from what you might be expecting.

They offer software that is meant to make learning Tajweed an incredibly easy task. Their software allows you to watch on the screen the text of the Holy Quran, make the software read the text, in the voice of a recognized Qari. With the correct pronunciation, of course.

This allows the user to recognize his or her mistake and correct it, then proceed forward.

Take care though, this is not meant to serve as an end all be all teacher for young children. They still need a dedicated teacher to truly understand the basics. But rather as a more advanced guide and corrector of sorts.

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Author’s Note: Find the online Quran classes can be a tough task to undergo. It requires a certain level of trust to allow a stranger on the internet to teach your kids online Quran classes. Don’t rush into things. Find out everything you can about the online Quran classes before committing to anything. How much they ask for, how good are the teachers and if they are willing to teach your kids Quran the way you want them to be taught. Don’t skimp and don’t hesitate when you find the right teacher for online Quran classes. It is in your best interest to don’t let the perfect teacher slip away from your fingers, it could mean the difference between understanding the Quran and not understanding it, for your children.

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