Review of Kenwood KDC-1813 inverter AC

Assalam o alaikum friends i hope all of you are fine. I have written this review after consulting many people who have purchased the inverter AC of different models and we will share with you what is their opinion. In Paksitan i shops there are two types of Inverter Ac available one are those that are assembled locally by different brands like Haier, Kenwood, Orient and other inverter ACs are those that are imported from abroad and they cost more. These inverters include GREE , Samsung

Are you Confused on Which Inverter AC to purchase

If you are reading this article of mine you may be confused on which brand inveter AC to buy please listen to me….Close your eyes and purchase Kenwood inverter AC.

One more thing instead of going physically going to a shop i highly recommend you to purchase from daraz or yayvo. By good i am not their marketing agent just saying because i had very bad experience with marketing people at shops. They give biased reviews and try to sell you older models and ask more prices than are online.

First of all if you are planning to purchase an inverter AC than kenwood is your best possible option in lower budget inverter AC. It is far better in quality than orient and Haier. However GREE and Samsung inverters are costly and superior.

Here is the image of the Kenwood inverter AC

The main benefit of Kenwood kdc-1813 inverter is its very fast cooling. Most of people who have used this inverter have told us that its cooling is very fast and the main reason behind this is R410a compressor and very highly effective BLDC compressor.

High Speed Cooling

The other major benefit of this KENWOOD inverter AC is its cost effectiveness. As per today on April 2018 its market price is almost 56000 rs Pakistani.

Quite Performace

Another most important feature of Kenwood KDC-1813 is that it produces very less sound and it actually reduces your electricity bill the reason behind as told to us by company representative is that it has three main DC components in it installed and also in major cities daraz and yayvo are offering free installation services which saves you another 2500 rs.

On if you purchase it on 15th April 2018 than you can get a furthur discount becasue their birthday promotion is on the way and you can get discount upto 10,000 rs by using a voucher.

This model is 60 percent energy saving while the other Kenwood model KDC1214S, KDC-1814S are upto 75 percent energy efficient but people say t hat it is marketing gimmick and just to raise prices bit higher so we say you go for this model. Also auto cleaning doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay every year for AC service charges , that you have to bear at all costs even if it has auto cleaning feature.

Comparison with Orient, Waves, Dawalance and Haier Inverter Acs

Orient has raised its prices by introducing WIFI kit and Haier also increased prices through Auto cleaning feature. But if you want to go for cost effectiveness than we highly reccomend you to blindly purchase Kenwood inverter AC.


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